3 Huge Benefits Of A Big Penis – I Learned This When I Goed From 5.5 Inches To Great Hanging

Let’s face it, all men want a big penis. The theme dominates pop culture, locker room teasing, and adolescent male bravado. While there is room for debate between men and women about other male characteristics such as body type (muscular or slim, for example), height, and weight, it is universally understood that no man in the world would prefer to have a small or slim body. slim. average penis instead of a big one.

But what are the specific benefits of having a large penis? How does it really improve your life and help you in the bedroom? The benefits are many, but here are three of the biggest (no pun intended) that I can think of, at least from my own personal experience.

1. Much better dirty talk. Okay, maybe I seem like a freak saying this (and really, that’s fine by me!) But one of my favorite things when I have sex with a girl is talking really, really dirty. I think it increases the excitement for both of us, makes the experience that much more intense. It’s my favorite way of getting completely carried away during sex and being completely uninhibited, and convincing my partner to do the same. The problem when I was little was that not being very gifted made talking dirty extremely difficult. I mean, what can you say out loud to really assert yourself in bed with a girl when you’re not packing a lot of meat downstairs? “Spread your legs baby, I’m going to fill you with disappointment and mediocrity!” Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way! Having a large penis is crucial to being able to talk dirty effectively. Imagine that you are satisfying a girl with your big penis, she likes it a lot, she is on the edge of the abyss, and you can utter a phrase like: “Come on baby, I want to feel you reach the climax on my big, thick, (you know what)! “Then hearing you say that pushes her totally over the edge and she has the most intense orgasm of her life. I know what it feels like because I did it! Having a big penis enhances your dirty talk, which will greatly improve your sex life.

2. Sex with the lights on. When I was little, this was never an option. I made sure the room was completely dark. It’s not like he could hide the fact that he wasn’t very well endowed, but he didn’t want him to be in plain sight for her to see. My hope was that if he aroused her a lot orally, she could slide it without her having to see it, feel it with her hands, or really consciously consider how small it was. When I grew up using natural enlargement exercises I finally got the confidence to start pulling it out and letting my partners get a good look at it, you know, I admire it. This led to me having sex with the lights on for the first time, and let me tell you what, I was losing myself when I was too shy to do that. Now I love having the lights on because I can see every little detail of HER naked body, even how wet she is underneath!

3. Don’t worry about your girl’s exes. This was my biggest fear when I was little. Who have you been with before? And more importantly, how big was it? Or how big were THEY (because let’s face it, most girls have had multiple partners these days)? I knew that at 5.5 inches, it was smaller than most of them, and I knew the moment I pulled it out they would do a mental comparison and be disappointed. Now that I’m grown up, I don’t give a damn who a girl I’m having sex with has ever been with before. I know that he will see me, taste me and feel me and forget his past!

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