4 tips for selling a haunted house

Stigmatized properties are those properties that have unfavorable conditions that make them less attractive for sale. Under this group are the houses where murders or suicides are committed, where there are previous owners with serious medical conditions or those houses that are believed to be haunted. What if your house is haunted and you want to sell it? Do you think this is possible? Here are some tips to help you sell that ghost-inhabited house of yours.

Find special buyers for your special home

Stigmatized as it may be, but it is also a special property. Why? Because it may have a special market. It is true that there are buyers who will be interested in buying haunted houses. There are people who take advantage of haunted experiences for business. There are also organizations that buy properties stigmatized for their paranormal or parapsychological learning.

Ahead of time, reveal the truth to all potential buyers.

Haunted houses have such a terrifying reputation in neighborhoods and communities. They are common themes of scary stories. If your home is haunted and you are selling it, you will be wiser if you let buyers know that it is haunted. Even if you don’t disclose that fact, buyers will easily know from neighbors and others because it is common knowledge. Make potential buyers happy with your honesty.

Clean the house of negative spirits

There are people who have a reputation for driving away evil spirits. They can be priests, spiritual people, healers, or paranormal experts. Let any of these people take care of cleaning your home. Let this activity be known to potential buyers. Increase buyer awareness by inviting others when these activities take place.

Reduce the price

Because property is stigmatized, you should be aware that buyers will generally negotiate lower prices. Therefore, you really have to adjust your selling price in favorable ranges. With this, you are somehow making the house turn favorable on at least one factor.

If despite following the tips above, you are still having difficulty selling your haunted house, you can always enlist the help of your local real estate agent.

Real estate agents are knowledgeable about the stigmatized property laws in your state. They can help you reveal facts about the home you are selling. They can also help you negotiate prices with interested parties, as well as with the paperwork required to close the deal.

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