5 best ways to collect rainwater at home

Harvesting rainwater is one of the best ways to make abundant use of the precious resource that Mother Nature has given us. Without a doubt, it forms a big part and the success of sustainable architecture. Let’s take a look at the 5 best ways to collect rainwater at home with everything available around you.

Smart gutter ceilings: Having smart gutters or drains around your roof is a great way to collect rainwater. Gutters channel rainwater away from the foundation and into the ground. Keeping containers to collect rainwater is a great way to use it for housework later on.

Rain barrel: Make your own rain barrel using an old drum or a large trash can that may be of no use to you. Clean it well and fasten it well to the PVC pipes to collect rainwater. You can use this anywhere, to water the plants later or for housework, etc.

Rain garden: Very easy to create and great for maintaining a balance in the environment, the rain garden makes use of all your available local plants and mulch to keep pollutants at bay. Create a ditch in the ground and let the rainwater slowly seep into the ground. It will ensure that your plants stay watered throughout the year.

Restore groundwater: Connect large PVC tubing to a large barrel with a filter installed at the end of the tubing. With the pipes leading to the underground water storage tank, you can store fresh water for a long period of time. Even in scorching summers, you can enjoy the coolness of fresh rainwater. When storing water underground, it is imperative to keep the area around you absolutely waterproof, to prevent seepage through the walls and into your homes. Sustainable architecture is about taking these weak points into account when building apartments, bungalows, etc.

Filter the collected water: Since rainwater is the freshest of all waters, install large pipes connected to large storage drums. Install a portable filtration system on the drums to use this stored water for drinking as well. Be sure to keep the drum covered at all times to prevent mosquito breeding.

Rainwater harvesting is slowly becoming an important part of most homes in small and large cities. A growing number of people are slowly realizing the importance of storing water and using available resources optimally. It is important to maintain your drains, harvested barrels, rain pits, etc. Covered at all times to prevent mosquito larvae from growing.

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