Analysis of the offense of the Superbowl XLVI team

At the heart of every soccer team’s offensive roster is the quarterback. For the Patriots, this man is Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s statistics are presented for comparison purposes. When they line up against Giants quarterback Eli Manning, they look better in every way. Does this mean that the Patriots will win Superbowl XLVI without question? No way. In fact, this game is extremely unpredictable. I’ll dive into the Patriots offensive stats first so you can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir strengths and weaknesses, then we’ll examine the Giant’s offense. The Patriots ‘offense is honestly stellar, with a total positive yards of 839 compared to their opponents’ average of 650. This says a lot about their ability to get the ball closer to the end zone, which is all it really is. matters (especially in the Superbowl). For attempted passing / compensation, the Patriots’ offense is 48/70. This means that for every pass thrown by Tom Brady, he was caught ~ 69% of the time. The average ratio of opponent’s pass attempts / compensation is only 31/62 or 50%. These statistics are great, but when we take a look at the catch statistics, there is a problem. Brady has been sacked 8 times compared to opponents’ average of 1. This could mean two things (1) The offensive line is weak and / or (2) The defensive line is weaker than the opponent’s average offensive line. (no pocket penetration, resulting in no sacks). We will examine the defense in a future article.

Now let’s move on to the Giants offense … Eli Manning’s squad has a total positive yards of 1214 compared to opponents’ average of 963. Looking at just that statistic, you can tell that there is a lot more movement up and down the field during the Giants ‘average game compared to the Patriots’ average game. This could indicate a weak defensive line combined with a strong offensive strategy; getting tons of yards on the field but also allowing a lot of yards against them. For the pass attempt / compensation ratio, the Giants ‘offense gives us 76/123 or ~ 56% compared to their opponents’ average of 62/113 or ~ 55%. Examining this stat tells us that Eli Manning throws a lot of passes, doesn’t complete as many as Tom Brady on average, and allows more passes to be completed against them. This is likely indicative of a relatively weak defensive squad coupled with a weaker offensive strategy (compared to Tom Brady’s Patriots). Lastly, Eli Manning has been sacked 9 times compared to opponents’ average of 8. This 9-8 sack record is better than the Patriots 8-1 as it shows a comparatively stronger defensive line and good pocket penetration. In general, the offense will play an important role in the decision of the winner of Superbowl XLVI. Personally, I think the Patriots will win it with completions and big plays. Don’t take my word for it though, do your own research!

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