Baby Network Chiropractic Care

Are you a new parent seeking chiropractic care from the Fort Collins, Colorado Baby Network? Did you know that this style of chiropractic offers a gentle alternative to traditional methods, but has deeper, longer-lasting results? By introducing your little one to chiropractic online now, you can help alleviate some common newborn complaints while establishing a foundation of health in his body, mind, and spirit that will carry him through his formative years.

Here’s a brief introduction to this unique method and information on what you can do for the well-being of your precious little one and where to find the best chiropractic care on the net for babies in Fort Collins, Colorado.

How does it work?

The purpose of Network Chiropractic is to release any tension or distortion within the spinal cord itself. This is accomplished by very specific applications of gentle pressure at the points where the spinal cord and vertebrae connect. Rather than focusing on adjusting the vertebrae themselves, as in traditional chiropractic, it focuses first on contacting the tension in the spinal cord, which then allows the vertebrae to self-correct into proper alignment.

Patients are strongly encouraged to be consciously involved in their care, nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management. By doing so, they become more aware of their state on all levels. Personally, I can’t think of a better gift than giving our children the ability to be self-aware. When individuals are in tune with their own bodies, emotions, and thoughts, a complete individual is created who is aware of the world and the people around them, as well as establishing a sense of self that is safe, strong, and balanced.

Do Babies Really Need Network Chiropractic?

Yes! A baby’s body is impeccably designed to withstand the force and pressure of being born unharmed, but that doesn’t mean that their little spinal cords don’t come out of the process with neural tension and spinal distortion. Especially in the case that babies are born with the use of interventions, such as forceps, suction cup or caesarean section. This can definitely cause twisting within the spinal cord and displacement of the vertebrae. In fact, some very common newborn complaints can be created from these subtle changes! The good news is, however, that because its spines are still so flexible and strong, it is easy and effortless to remove distortions.

When you consider the gentle, non-invasive approach that Network Chiropractic uses, you can see how perfect it is for infants and toddlers. Not only will this care help keep your child’s spine flexible and healthy, but it will also provide them with an innate ability to handle mental, emotional, and physical stress with grace and ease as they grow older.

What can network chiropractic do for my baby?

Many parents have seen radical changes in their baby after network chiropractic care, reducing any discomfort the baby may have been experiencing and reducing parental stress.

Here are some common complaints from newborns that are alleviated by network chiropractic care:


Ear infections

Digestive complaints

Nursing difficulty



Sleep poor

In addition, it increases the immune response to colds and flu.

As the baby grows into childhood and beyond, networked chiropractic care continues to help support the child’s health and may be of further help with bedwetting, behavior problems, or hyperactivity.

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