Dropship Mysteries: What is a billing address?

One of the most important components to buying online is the shipping address. Dropshipping companies need to know the customer’s shipping address so that the items are delivered to the correct place.

Shipping addresses can be your home, office, etc. and it is usually where you want the items delivered.

The billing address is quite different from the shipping address and all drop shipping companies should be aware of these differences. The billing address is the address that appears on your credit card statements. It is important that the business knows the billing address as it can keep track of who the item was sold to.

Also, these companies can get your money back once this billing address is verified. Only after the billing address is verified on the credit card, and then the company ships the item to the shipping address.

However, if you have purchased items and products and an online merchant, once what you notice is the payment option.

What most of us would like to know is whether the payment billing option is different from the well-known and widely used PayPal address. There are generally two types of payments that we use online, credit card payments or payments through online banking systems like PayPal.

Although choosing either one is a matter of convenience, there is a slight difference between the billing address for payment and the address you find in PayPal.

Usually when you buy an item from an online store, check and verify the quantity, the credit card number, and even the billing address.

Once you do, your shopping spree is complete and you can exit the page. Once the merchant contacts your credit card bank, which is instantly, they send a verification to verify if the details entered on the page are valid and the same as those of your card company of credit.

Once this is confirmed, the company acknowledges the payment and the items are instantly shipped to you via the direct shipping company to your shipping address. The main advantage of this system is that you can use multiple credit cards registered to the same billing address.

Paying through the online payment method that is PayPal is another option that is soon gaining popularity. There are several that receive payments online and PayPal acts as their online bank.

Payment methods with PayPal can be any currency, for example, if you buy items in the US and you are asked to pay in dollars, you can do so with your PayPal account.

This gives you a lot of flexibility and you also know how to use it to your advantage. PayPal needs a billing address that is generally the same as the one on your credit or debit card.

When registering for a PayPal account, you are asked to provide the same address as the one on your credit or debit card as it is linked to your bank account. Withdraw money instantly from your account, after which it is sent to you.

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