gold mining in north sudan

Gold Mining in North Sudan: An Overview

Since the end of the civil war in Sudan in 2005, gold mining has been among the leading economic activities in the North Sudan region, particularly in the states of Northern, River Nile, and North Kordofan. Sudan is known to have vast deposits of gold, which presents a significant opportunity for revenue generation and economic growth. This article explores the state of gold mining in North Sudan, including its history, production, challenges and opportunities, and the future.

History of Gold Mining in North Sudan

Gold mining in North Sudan dates back to ancient times, with the Nubians being among the earliest miners. In the medieval era, gold mining was a thriving industry in the country, and records indicate that the Arabs from Egypt traded with the Sudanese for gold. The modern gold mining industry in Sudan began in the 1990s, with the government making an effort to attract foreign investments into the sector.

Production of Gold in North Sudan

North Sudan is one of the largest producers of gold in Africa, with an estimated production of around 100 tons per year. The gold is mainly mined by artisanal and small-scale miners, who account for over 90% of the country’s gold production. These miners use basic tools and methods to extract the gold, which results in lower yields and increased safety risks. However, efforts have been made to attract foreign investors in modernizing the sector, which is expected to boost the production and safety levels.

Challenges Facing Gold Mining in North Sudan

Despite the potential economic benefits of gold mining in North Sudan, the sector is not without its challenges. Illegal mining is a significant problem, with reports indicating that up to 70% of the gold produced in the country is smuggled out of the country. This results in lost revenues, lack of regulation, and increased safety risks for miners. The lack of modern equipment and technologies is also a challenge, resulting in low yields and decreased efficiency.

Opportunities in Gold Mining in North Sudan

Gold mining in North Sudan presents significant opportunities for the country’s economic growth, particularly considering the vast deposits available in the region. Several initiatives have been launched to streamline the sector, including the establishment of legal frameworks and the provision of modern equipment and technologies. Foreign investors are also being encouraged to invest in the sector, which is expected to result in increased production, regulation, and safety.

Future of Gold Mining in North Sudan

The future of gold mining in North Sudan is promising, with the government making efforts to create a conducive environment for investors and streamline the industry. However, the sector requires significant investment in modern equipment and technologies, training and education for the workforce, and regulation to eliminate illicit mining activities. The government must also create an enabling investment environment for foreign investors, including tax incentives and reduced bureaucracy.


Gold mining in North Sudan is a promising and lucrative sector that presents significant opportunities for economic growth and poverty reduction. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, including illegal mining, lack of modern equipment, and decreased efficiency. The government must work towards streamlining the sector and attracting foreign investments to modernize the industry and ensure that it benefits the country in the long term.

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