Guest Blogging to improve web traffic

Guest blogging is a method adopted by bloggers to increase the visit of more audiences to their blogs. For this they write posts to publish on the blogs of other bloggers. As a blogger, you can write a post to appear on another blogger’s blog. Alternatively, another blogger can write a post to appear on your blog.

Guest Blogging is a strategic initiative to gain advantage by penetrating someone else’s domain. Hence, it requires a great deal of home work to carry out. Your post should make a two-way effort to benefit the host blog and at the same time gain the benefit for your own business.

In addition to strengthening your business relationship with an accomplished publisher, guest blogging can benefit you in any of the following ways:

  • Being in content marketing, you may be well versed in your topic, but not have a separate identity as such. You are a nondescript when it comes to the content market, but guest blogging can get you acquainted with your prospects along with some authority. You must submit the maximum content in the shortest time possible.
  • Adding more traffic to your site does not necessarily attract more audience because the traffic can be purchased through pay per click or alternative means of advertising. But the traffic generated from a guest blog generates a group of audience that is curious to know what you say. This creates an opportunity for you to develop them into a long-term business relationship.
  • Guest blogging builds your publisher’s network by expanding your connectivity with successful publishers. If you establish a good relationship with your main blogger, you may be successful in getting a tweet or link from him that will take you a long way towards gaining an independent identity in the content market.
  • Guest posting allows you to get a natural and relevant link by using the anchor text of your choice.

The following are the tips that may interest you

  • Before submitting your blog post to someone else, learn about the contents and audiences of that blog and your blog comment.
  • Make a convincing approach to the other blogger regarding your credibility and your strengths for which the audience of the guest blogger would like to read what you write.
  • Provide the latest statistics on your blog regarding unique visitors per month backed by your rankings made by Google, Alexa and Technorati.
  • Rather than backing up the other blogger with undue pampering, present yourself with facts and figures in an honest and straightforward manner. Value for the other person’s time. Avoid providing bloom data about yourself.
  • Make the other blogger realize that you are well versed in blogging activities and that your content will be unique and will not pose any copyright issues to you.
  • Convince the other blogger that your content will be consistent and compelling by providing links to your blogs and writing samples online.

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