Healthy living: make cooking at home part of your lifestyle

Most of today’s health problems are primarily the result of indiscretions – most illnesses are self-inflicted. Not always, of course, but it is predominantly the case where we are to blame, and we could have done much better.

Nutrition is a big part of it. What we put in our body matters much more than you think. Food is more than fuel. However, even on that note, think of it this way. If you had a luxury car like a Bentley or Ferrari, would you go for a “low grade” fuel? You need to treat yourself as you deserve, and it is for the best. Not only should you eat well, but you should also cook most of the time. Do both at the same time …

1. Make cooking convenient. Perhaps your reason for not preparing your meals is due to lack of time or practice. The second is easily solved: cook more often! There is no better day than today to start – millions of recipes are at your fingertips, a search away.

Lack of time can be a barrier, which is why cooking needs to be convenient. Cook several times a week, but prepare large portions to cover several meals. Or cook regularly, but prepare simple, healthy meals. Save the more elaborate dishes for the weekend.

If it helps, enjoy new cookware – anything that makes cooking more practical for you.

2. Make cooking enjoyable. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore …

  • have background music or listen to a podcast.

  • try some new recipes.

Shorten the cooking time by perfecting your favorite dish; if it takes 30 seconds less each time, it will add up. Anything that lasts much longer than 30 minutes on a weekday night will make many people reluctant to cook. However, if you find that you can make a meal in 20 minutes or less, you will enjoy it because you will be eager to eat a meal that you are sure to like, well, most of the time.

Do the above and you will quickly make cooking a habit. It’s a habit that pays for itself – the time you invest will pay off in the form of better health. Even if you are not always preparing perfectly healthy meals, you are probably doing better than tossing ready-made foods in the oven or microwave.

Take pride in preparing and cooking your meals. Invest more in this essential life skill. As long as you don’t get into bad habits too often, like snacking or being completely sedentary, the difference will be positive. It will help you prevent common health problems and improve your health while living a healthier life.

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