Hopes beyond the IIT

10 + 2 math students are crazy about IIT. You may also be one of them who desperately wants to be a part of IIT. But let me tell you. There are other options besides IIT that can be as good as a lifetime with IIT.

Here, I am listing some institutes that can be said as an alternative to IIT. This list covers those institutes where students of PCM Step 12 Can apply. Some of these are much better than IIT. Have a look:

  1. SCRA:
    Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA), also known as Railway Engineering, is an exam conducted by UPSC to select suitable candidates for the Engineering Department of Railways. It is a very real job with great prospects. It is also the most difficult exam at the 10 + 2 level. There are only about 10 openings each year. Still many people sit for their exam. Also, your salary will start right after you pass this exam. It is the dream course.
  2. ISI:
    The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is a very old institute of mathematics, statistics, economics and informatics. It is India’s best institute in Statistics and Mathematics and the second best in Economics (after DSE). Fainting from this institute is in great demand all over the world. Investments are even better than IIMs. Above all there are no fees. Instead, the students are given nice stipends every month. This, in my sense, is the best alternative for IIT. Obviously, many students come to this institute after obtaining the first positions in IIT JEE. Some drop out of the IIT after taking the top ten positions in the ISI.
  3. THAT:
    For students in the mathematics branch, CA is not the best option. Those who opt for CA after 10 + 2 with math basically, if not selected somewhere for engineering. But, CA shouldn’t be seen as just a degree for business students. Math students have a good chance of doing better in this course. CA, also known as Chartered Accountant, is the high-income job. You can work in a company or create your own company to audit accounts. It is like the law. Every company needs the service of a CA. As the economy is booming and the course for California is tough. This sector will be more in demand than others.
  4. Actuarial:
    Actuarial is something very similar to CA. But, it is more important than CA. In India, this course is run by the India Actuarial Society. It is a new field in India. But the demands are very high all over the world, not just in India. This course is not for everyone. Only sharp minded people are accepted for this course. The basic requirement is mathematics as a subject in 12th grade with 75% for 10 + 2 students. The 75% math scores only say the requirement necessary to be actuarial. The most important point, you can study for another course with this one. Like engineering or graduation. In fact, if something in your course matches the Actuarial course. You don’t have to take the exam twice. The actuarial company accepts the usual grades for your course.
  5. NEST:
    The National Institute of Design (NID) is not a very common name among students in general. But, it is a very popular name among those who know even a little about design, graphics or creativity courses in India. This is the best institute to learn to design. One can think of the need of the students of this institute in the market.
  6. NDA:
    The National Defense Academy (NDA) is a very popular exam at the 10 + 2 level. But, the popularity of engineering has dropped to no. quality students for this exam. Yes, through this exam you may not earn a lot of money after the NDA. Also, the course is physically a bit difficult. But, yes, pride in being an Indian soldier can never be compared to money. Today’s students are looking for fun and entertainment during the course. That fun is not here. But, even here you will get adventure, high esteem and position in society. Paying is not good. But the advantages are good. Generally those who don’t want boring traditional corporate jobs can join the Indian Army through this course.
  7. NIFT:
    The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a popular brand. The course here attracts those who want to go to the glamorous life. Without a doubt, this course needs creativity. Without creativity, you may not perform well. But, yes, this is a high paying and booming sector in India.
  8. NLSIU:
    The National Law School of the University of India (NLSIU) is the best law institute in India. Like economically, India is developing rapidly. Every year many multinational companies come to India. Everyone needs a personal law. But Indian students are crazy about engineering and management. Other courses do not get the best quality. This is the case with NLSIU. The students who come here are good, but not the best. Therefore, the exam is easy to decipher with little effort. But the money after this course is very good.
  9. IIIT:
    The Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) is a project of the Indian government to meet the demand of IT professionals in India with quality candidates. The courses here are primarily related to IT or computer science. Seats are few. But the competition is not as much as for IIT. Some IITs do separate exams. Some take students from AIEEE. This is the best course for related computers if you are not selected at IIT or few NIT.
  10. NIT:
    The National Institute of Technology (NIT) are institutes that were previously known as the Regional College of Engineering. These colleges are good, reputable, and old, and they get good placements too. Previously, students gain admission to these universities through a state engineering exam. The students weren’t evenly balanced on some sort of quality that ranked on the basis of the state. Also, as students cannot directly target these institutes. Therefore, these universities could not have a reputation like IIT. These are top-notch institutes but not the most popular. These institutes have infrastructure and all kinds of facilities to produce the best engineers. But they don’t get the best students.
  11. CMI:
    Chennai Institute of Mathematics (CMI) is one of the best institutes in India for Mathematics and Physics. This institute has gained a lot of reputation in very less time. Surely, for research preference, this could be at the top of your list.
  12. Hotel management:
    Hotel management is a very attractive field in recent times as India is developing as a tourist hub and tourists come from all over the world in India. Also, today Indian locals travel a lot. Some of the best hotel management institutes are Oberoi Center, Delhi; IHM, Mumbai; WGSHA. Manipal; and IHM, Delhi.
  13. Merchant ship:
    The merchant marine is a high paying job. It is a course to become a member of a ship’s crew. The best institute in this field is TS Chanakya, which takes students through IIT JEE. But it has a separate selection process. Other institutes of the Merchant Marine also have the same perspective. Without a doubt, if you want to make real money, the merchant marine should be the best option.
  14. IISER / NISER:
    The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) and the National Institute of Science Education Research (NISER) is a government project to meet the scientific need of India. This is a fully government funded institute. You will get nice stipends to study here. The prospects for the future are also good. Students here can easily get admissions anywhere in the world for higher education. Furthermore, the prospects in India are good. Scientists are in demand everywhere. The government is thinking of opening investigation doors for private owners in India. Therefore, the students of these institutes will be in great demand in the near future. Students can enter these institutes through IIT JEE EML.
  15. Aeronautics:
    Aeronautics is a well-paying field. In India, this sector is booming and is expected to need three times as many professionals in the next 10 years. The best institute to enter this field is some IIT where this course is taught. Like IIT Kanpur. But there are also other institutes that can offer the same perspectives as IIT aeronautics. These are the IIA’s Group of Institutions.
  16. IIST
    The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) is a new institute, established in 2007 by the Indian government. It is the first space institute in Asia and the first in the world to offer the full range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs with a specific focus on space science, technology and applications. If someone has an interest in the space industry, this is the best option.

In general, if you look carefully at the above list. These are the best institutes in their respective fields. Therefore, we could easily infer that an institute that is the best in its field could be on this list.

Also, keep this in mind that almost all fields are open to math students (except medical). So not just IIT should be your first stop. You can go to any of these and be successful. Some will give you a great reputation and some will give you a lot of money. Some even both. But try to think beyond IITs. There is hope beyond the IIT.

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