How A Child Can Read Before Kindergarten: What You Need To Know

How concerned should you be when it comes to your child’s education? Do you think special skills are needed to teach my son to read? When should I start teaching my child to read? I am about to reveal to you the truth of what every parent should know about teaching a child to read before kindergarten.

In the USA

  • More than 30 million adults are considered functionally illiterate
  • 14% cannot perform simple everyday literacy activities.
  • The discovery of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
  • More than a third of all children cannot achieve basic reading proficiency by the fourth grade?
  • 38% of fourth graders are below basic level in reading skills.

How can a child fail to achieve basic reading proficiency in fourth grade? Would any of these questions have any relevance?

  • Does a child love to read?
  • Does a child understand what he reads?
  • Does a child have many books at home?
  • Does a child learn to read at a young age?

You don’t want your child to take part in those studies, do you? You don’t have to answer that question.

The years before a child reaches kindergarten are among the most critical times in your child’s life for influencing learning.

Why wait until your child is in school to learn to read? Teaching your child to read early, even before kindergarten, is very important to your child’s education.

Studies have shown that the younger your child learns to read, the more successful your child will be in school.

A child’s brain has learning abilities that we don’t even think are possible. When a child learns to read before kindergarten, your child is likely to have a greater passion for reading. The more they read, the more they learn.

The ideal program for parents to learn how to teach a child to read is the Phonetic Awareness Lesson Plan. Researchers’ favorite program for teaching a child to read. Not to mention the easiest step-by-step teaching tool for parents.

How rewarding would it be to see your child reading a book on their own before kindergarten?

Don’t let your child have a hard time reading. Don’t wait until your child is in first grade to learn to read. Imagine all the opportunities available teaching your child to read before kindergarten.

The most critical years in a child’s life for influencing learning are before he reaches kindergarten. First grade may not be the right time for your child to learn to read.

In fact, a two-year-old learned to read in 8 months with the phonemic awareness lesson plan.

What Your Child Could Achieve Without the Phonetic Awareness Lesson Plan:

  • Middle vocabulary
  • Normal reading abilities
  • Good spelling skills
  • Expected passing grade

Don’t let your child have normal reading ability. Give your child the chance of a lifetime by teaching him to read before kindergarten.

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