How about a baby dinosaur for a pet? – Turtle Book Review

Not long ago, I was talking to a wildlife biologist about the endangered desert tortoise, what an amazing species. As an expert, she explained all the idiosyncrasies of this “baby dinosaur”, as she called them, about their burrows, the choice of food, the ability to mix, along with their predators such as the desert fox, and the road runners and the black crows that eat turtle eggs when they can find them. Unfortunately, among the predators, we can also add humanity, you see passersby and people who do not pay attention often run over them, accidentally of course.

He explained that there was a special sanctuary to help these creatures that had survived accidents with ATVs, sand rails, and even work trucks working in the desert with high-voltage power lines. Of course, desert tortoises often walk on the road as well, which is a surefire way to get run over. It is surprising how long these creatures live and therefore they can be good pets, while a dog or a cat does not live that long, so you have to deal with their disappearance and go find another one to comfort you.

Still, make no mistake, these are independent creatures, they are reptilians, and you can see that ancient DNA as they move. Now, you are not allowed to ask a wild desert tortoise to become a pet, but if you live in the desert, they may make their home on your property because there is water, vegetation to eat, and shade. You could also make these at home if you are looking for a pet, but before you do, there are things you need to know first. Let me recommend a very good book for you to read;

“Turtle Care: A Veterinarian’s Guide to Turtle Care – Keep Your Turtle Live for 50 Years or More” by Donald Wilson, Binders Publishing House, 2012, 23 pages, (digital version) ASIN: B007Z3SQCE .

Although this is a short book, it is quite good, well written, and has all the facts you need to know to make your desert tortoise feel at home, while keeping her healthy and happy, and understanding her safety concerns and safety concerns. food supply. Despite what you may think, bipeds (humans) and carbon-based tortoises go back a long time, and there are even ancient writings about these magnificent creatures.

Fortunately, many continue to write about them today. This great book for example, which will help reunite our species with theirs, because we go back a long way. In fact, I hope you consider all of this and think about it.

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