How to choose the best calendar for your Dynamics CRM system?

There are two ways to manage your work. One is a disciplined approach and the other is a well-systematized approach with less discipline. But in both scenarios, one thing is necessary and that is to follow a strict schedule. You can’t afford to put off today’s tasks and work on them tomorrow. This practice will definitely end up with a lot of work on your head that will bring you to the ground.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your work with a well-managed calendar. A calendar that gives you all the space to record your notes, tasks, meetings and all other work in detail. This creates a demand for a Dynamics CRM Calendar application that can sync with your existing CRM and help you run your business operations in an organized manner. Such implementation will allow your system to boost your business operations productively.

Recently, Dynamics CRM, powered by Microsoft, announced that it will discontinue Dynamics CRM Service Calendar from its regular offering of CRM features. This directly means that the user will not be able to access the calendar in their Dynamics CRM. Now, users will have to buy a calendar extension, which comes at a great cost. Adding the existing cost to Dynamics CRM would likely put a burden on small and medium-sized businesses. Here, getting a fully functional, pocket-sized calendar plugin will work as the best escape alongside the advancement of your existing tool.

What features should you look for on the calendar?

Here in this blog, we will guide you in choosing the best calendar plugin features for your business. One, which can enrich productivity along with user convenience. Therefore, the main features that can work as Dynamics All in One Calendar for your company are:

  • The perfect calendar should show employees’ daily tasks, helping your staff optimize their routine.

  • Managers and team leaders should have all the details of the tasks of their team members. This function may be available directly from the calendar.

  • Managers also have the responsibility of supervising their team to work on the highest priority tasks. Therefore, the calendar must have this function to show priority tasks and mark a priority task.

  • Business owners need to be able to view the calendar in different graphic formats. This allows them to work at the urgency level and scrutinize the duration required to accomplish each task.

  • You must send notifications and alerts! The perfect calendar app provides timely notifications to workers before their tasks start. So you will never miss a deadline and your day will look more organized with a set schedule.

Along with his employees, the administrator also has the need to customize the look and usability of the calendar to make it more comprehensive. It is best to use different colors to highlight tasks. It will also allow the system administrator to display the priority level of different tasks

Make sure sharing activities with coworkers and authorities is easy. Having multiple activity management functions goes best with this. With this, you can select and assign different activities while creating new tasks and that is reflected in your calendar.

This avoids a lot of confusion and the assignment of tasks remains transparent. All you need to do is enter the topic of the activity along with its start date, end date. It will automatically sync all your activities in the CRM activity module.

An ideal customer relationship management software is one that takes care of the tasks of all your departments and helps the workers in your organization to better connect with their customers. If you want to bring all your workers to a common platform, take charge of different aspects of your organization, and improve productivity, it would be a good idea to get such a calendar plugin.

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