How to Find Hot Business Ideas Online

Would you like to find the key that opens the
door to a goldmine of responsive online, sales and
results for your business?

It seems obvious that you could see what
experts act differently when locating markets
opportunities, discover what people want and
quickly turning it into an online business that generates
trucks full of cash.

The reality is, YOU CAN’T!

While the secret is huge in its impact, it is so
subtle, so subtle you’re sure to miss it if
I don’t know what to look for

Here is the secret and a formula to use it right now.

What is DESIRE?

Now stay with me just a minute.

Do you think about the last time you bought a magazine? Why
Did you buy it? Was it to look better, feel better?
earn money, save money, make your home look better,
take a step towards the realization of a dream in your life?

How about the last time you bought an ebook about
marketing? It was not the desire to learn more about
marketing that led to opening his wallet, was the
I WANT to discover something unique, something new that
WOULD RESULT in more money in your pocket resulting in
that you can finally quit your job.

OK, that’s more like it. It’s about the end result
you want to get, not about the steps, processes, formulas
or information to get there.

Information is a tool, a method to achieve an end.

It is up to you to determine what that END result is and
continue to help your market achieve that end, without fail.

Now, let’s see how this can help you achieve YOUR goals …

A NEW way to research your market!

You will hear from many online marketing experts that the
An important part of researching your market is WHERE you look.

Nice try, but that’s NOT the whole story.

The real secret is how you research your market.

For example, take a look at the headlines for one of my
Site (s:

Now, I have tested over 20 headlines on this page before finding
this one that concealed at least 3 times better than previous versions.

The market for this product is aspiring online entrepreneurs,
writers, consultants and speakers who are already considering
write infoproducts for more freedom, control and
safety in their lives.

So why does this page work?

First, this market has time constraints. They are fighting like
both with lack of time freedom and lack of financial resources
Liberty. Many of them have lost control in their lives, they are too
dependent on an income stream and I WANT to solve it quickly

Second, this market feels it has something to share and WANTS
know how to do that – they WANT the prestige and “fame” you
comes from the launch of your own ebook or book.

Try to read the title (both the main title and the subtitle).

Can you now see the main emotional “signals” leading to the market?
triggers I outline above.

Another example!

Let’s try another market entirely!

Go to:

Sit back, stay, search right here:

What do you think is the main reason dog owners break up
paying for obedience training?

The answer is in the headline. What dog owners want is a way to
stop behavior problems in your dogs. Why? Shame
fear of someone getting hurt, pain of having to consider giving
to your beloved pet, it all leads to a RAPID dog craving

Bottom line: Think DESIRE!

Will you do this for me?

Spend the next week analyzing everything in terms of underlying
Yearned for.

When you read the newspaper, talk to a colleague, watch TV, go
watch a movie, talk to your spouse or children, read websites,
review ads etc … think about the underlying desire. Because
that communication exists as it exists.

Keep a journal and quickly write down each event with your
corresponding underlying desire.

IF you follow this exercise, you will not only be surprised at what
devise a “normal” daily communication, you will have
started down the path of thought as the highest achievement
business people of all time. Not bad for a week’s effort?

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