How to make a simple and tasty tuna or chicken salad with calories

This is a receipt for a simple and nutritious salad that you can eat in the morning, at night, or even as an easy dinner. If you are losing weight, this type of salad gives you complete control of the nutrient and calorie intake you need to be successful.

Use these ingredients for a serving that is made in a small bowl and eaten from the same bowl.

– 150-200 g of minced or chopped cooked tuna, or chopped cooked chicken.

– Finely sliced ​​raw broccoli. Only use the outer thin branches with the flowers.

– Raw tomato or paprika cut into thin slices.

– Finely chopped raw onions.

– You take so much of these vegetables that the bowl is well filled.

– Some finely sliced ​​garlic.

– 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

– A little vinegar if you like.

– A little cayenne, ginger or other spices that you like. Note that cayenne has a very strong flavor.

– A little salt if the tuna or chicken are not already salty.

First you put the tuna in the bowl and mix the spices and garlic. Then you cut the vegetables and blend them with the spiced tuna. Finally mix the olive oil and vinegar.

You can of course mix in other vegetables, fruits, or things like cheese or feta. Keep in mind that cheese and feta are fatty. These two ingredients are also better together with chicken. A few slices of orange or raw cranberries give the salad a fresh, sweet flavor that blends nicely with the flavor of the other ingredients.

As a drink to the salad, you can use pure water or fruit juice without added sugar. You must liquefy the concentrated juice with water to avoid excess sugar. Grape juice works especially well in this salad.

Cooked tuna or chicken can be bought in all supermarkets. But of course you can cook a certain amount yourself beforehand and store it in the freezer to make many servings of salad.

This salad gives you protein, vitamins, minerals and some healthy fat. But you also need some carbohydrates. You can get that by eating some whole sliced ​​cornbread with your salad. Spread a little olive oil on the bread to make it smooth. A little honey on the bread is also tasty. You can also eat some cooked beans, peas or corn to the salad. Do not mix these ingredients in the salad, but you can put them in the same bowl next to the salad.

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