Lamb bustin

Mutton Bustin ‘is an exciting event for boys and girls who want to experience the thrill of riding in the rodeo arena. The dream of being a cowboy / cowgirl can be lived in a challenging and fun environment through the sport of lamb bustin. In any sporting event, especially for children, their safety is of the utmost importance, for example in the sport of football, baseball or hockey. Proper protective equipment is strictly adhered to. It is no different in the lamb sport, the proper equipment consisting of a protective vest and a helmet must be worn. Parents need to sign a waiver / disclaimer and indemnity agreement, similar to soccer, baseball, etc. There is also an age restriction, usually children from 4 to 9 years old. There is also a weight restriction; a child cannot weigh more than 55 pounds. This is for the safety of the sheep so they don’t get hurt.

Mutton Bustin’s sports education is valuable and helps build confidence. Usually a cowboy and sometimes a fighting clown will instruct the little muleteers. During the instructional time, the little cowboy / girl learns the correct way to ride the sheep, the cowboy will help them to get on the sheep’s back, and they will also be shown the correct way to secure and hold on during the ride.

In rodeo arena, the little cowboy may be on the sheep’s back inside a slide, usually a cowboy will be inside the slide securing the child until the slide is open, when the slide is open, the cowboy releases and the lamb ride in bustin. begins. The trip lasts 6 seconds. The cowboy / girl who holds out for the 6 seconds and has a good ride is the winner. If a child falls, they are disqualified. There is an assigned judge who helps with scoring similar to a referee at a sporting event. The winner receives a prize at the end of the mutton bustin event.

In any rodeo event, cattle play an important role. They are a valuable investment and are treated with great care. Food, water, bedding and the health of the livestock is very important, without them the show does not continue. There is no way a stock contractor would want to inflict damage on his rodeo cattle, it would be like shooting himself in the foot, so to speak.

General rules for the sport of Mutton Bustin

The parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver / disclaimer and indemnity agreement.

4- to 9-year-olds can compete (this may vary depending on who is hosting the lamb bustin)

Weight Restriction: One child cannot weigh more than 55 pounds. This ensures the safety of the sheep.

All children must wear a vest and helmet.

Timed event: 6 second trip.

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