List of 21 good challenges to play Truth or Dare

At sleepovers, college parties, and birthdays, Truth or Dare remains the most popular game ever. The only problem is that people run out of ideas for good challenges pretty quickly. Check out this list of challenges for the next time you play Truth or Dare!

1. Tie the wrists and legs for 5 minutes

This challenge is especially wicked. if other challenges have to be completed with hands tied later. You can even match different players for more fun.

2. Go out and feed at least one neighborhood cat

3. Stick a coin against the wall with your nose for 3 min.

This challenge is much more difficult than it sounds. Especially if your friends make you laugh in the meantime.

4. Act like you’re crying and describe your worst date.

Get creative and do a good drama. Let others have fun with your little scene!

5. Act like a dog and go outside for 5 min.

Wag the tail, lift the legs, bark … your dog names it, you do it!

6. Ask the cutest person at the party for a kiss

This is a very sweet challenge. Whoever you ask will get this not-so-subtle compliment. But it’s still cute. Go get that kiss!

7. Get out the next time you have to go to the bathroom

This one is easy for guys to do.

8. Imitate an animal and have everyone guess what it is about.

You will be surprised how bad other players are at hearing your elephant that sounds like a dying frog-giraffe …!

9. Stand in a corner for 5 minutes while others watch.

Especially effective if you have been handcuffed to someone / something, naked or soaked. Or if you’re ticklish and Others may taunt you while you are trapped unable to defend yourself!

10. Lick the ketchup off the back of a person of your choice

Easy, sexy or horrible challenge. Depending on the back of the person you are licking!

11. Sing a very romantic song in a harsh, dry voice.

Have the girls do this challenge. It will be fun for everyone!

12. Drink a mixture of 1/3 sugar, 1/3 salt and 1/3 coffee

You can mix all kinds of drinks. Make sure you are the right age for the beverage you are drinking.

13. Imitate a cartoon character and make everyone guess

14. Pretend to be a clock and show the time with your legs

And show everyone how flexible you are (or not).

15. Put a pillow under your shirt and pretend to have labor pains.

You’ll have a bit of sarcasm fun with this one! Be sure to check with your neighbors before making too much noise. You can pretend that the pillow is your baby after it is born.

16. Think of your favorite bad word and shout it out loud

17. You have to ask the next person to come into the room out.

Or you can go up to him or her and try to kiss him. Don’t get slapped!

18. Trade a piece of clothing with your right neighbor

Get a girl and a boy with very different sizes to do it for more fun.

19. Have a meaningless conversation with a stranger for a minute.

The key is to keep the conversation going for a full minute. This will seem longer than you think. If you fail, start over.

20. Ask someone to give you a glass of cold water in your pants.

21. Have the group mix different sauces. You have to eat it.

That’s it – I hope you can put those challenges to good use for Truth or Dare. Don’t go crazy with it. Truth or Dare parties are all about fun, not so much about making someone feel guilty or upset.

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