LittleBigPlanet – PlayStation 3 Review

So I finally got LittleBigPlanet yesterday, it was probably in the mailbox on Monday, but I was too busy to check. I wanted to play a bit more before writing this review and the game was too fun to drop the controller last night. And I’m still trying to figure out how the hell to get my Nariko costume, since my game didn’t come with a promo code card. I sent an email to Futureshop and have not received a reply yet.

[update]: Turns out the promotion was between October 3 and October 9, I pre-ordered mine on the 11th, sigh. There goes my Nariko costume.

History and controls

There really isn’t a solid story for LittleBigPlanet, you will be exploring and adventuring in different places and planets. The controls are simple and easy to get used to. Basically you can jump (hold down to jump higher and further) and throw or push objects. There are also these cool new actions like smile, frown, angry and scared, each with 3 levels, so you can smile slightly, a bigger smile and a crazy smile, all executed using the directional buttons. You can also make your sackboy or sackgirl’s head move based on your SIXAXIS controller, as well as make their hands move using L2, R2, L3, and R3. These innovative features really help to bring excitement and expression to people who are saying goodbye. And one more thing, you can drag your L3 or R3 really fast from left to right or right to left to slap (people obviously!), Which I didn’t get bored of doing yet. On the other hand, when you’re actually going through a level, chances are you’re too busy not even bothering to play with the expressions.

Gameplay, graphics and physics

FUN, that’s the word that came to mind when I first touched it. I found it particularly fun because I used to play shooting games for too long, Call of Duty 4 for example, not that I’m complaining, I’ll never get bored of that game, just good to play something that’s completely different for a change. Most of the time this game is relaxing but, maybe it just sucked and / or was impatient, I had to play some of the levels several times before I could get past them to unlock the following areas. I guess I should be glad that the game offers a certain level of difficulty, I mean, after all, it won’t be fun if it’s too easy, right?

This game is point based, which means you get points for getting blue orbs. But that’s not very rewarding, is it? You can also get outfits, ornaments, stickers, etc. You can put stickers and decorations pretty much anywhere and they are sometimes used to solve puzzles and unlock more items. I think one of the best selling features of this game is the amount of outfits you can get and customize for your sackboys or girls. You have the options to edit each part of your jackets or girls, such as head, face, back, neck, eyes, top outfit, bottom outfit, etc. You can even choose to have the system randomly generate a look, and you can imagine the number of combinations that there may be as you get more outfits! You can save their appearance for a quick change, as well as delete them.

The graphics are top-notch too, I think the word I’d use is surreal. It is dreamlike and cartoonish but at the same time realistic with great lighting effects, vibrant colors and detailed textures of the surroundings. As mentioned above, the facial expressions of your sackboys and girls are eye candy. Although it only supports up to 720p, most of us probably don’t know the difference between 1080p and 720p anyway, so it’s not really a problem.

Aside from the normal game type of beating the level, there are also challenges that you can unlock by obtaining keys. An example of a challenge will be to continuously jump up and down and get as many blue orbs (for points) as you can while avoiding fire.

As you can see, this game includes TONS of features and I have yet to discover them all. I had the opportunity to play a bit online last night and the online feature makes this game easily worth 10 times more than the $ 59.99. You can play levels online with others (by the way, some areas require the help of others to unlock) or you can play on your own. You can also choose the Quick Play option and you will join someone randomly and play whatever they are playing. The number of levels on LittleBigPlanet is practically endless, as long as people keep creating levels and sharing them, there will be new levels to play as long as this game continues to be popular, and I’m sure they will. You can also “animate” your favorite levels and your friends on PlayStation Network can see them.

Apart from the graphics, the physics, yes, this is the first time that I have a section, or rather a third of a section, dedicated to the physics of the game. There are many obstacles throughout the game, sometimes you will have to push or pull blocks to get to the next area. On the other hand, you can, for example, pull a string left and right to shake blue orbs or items down for you to get them.


So far I have listened to many different types of music, some are rhythm, some are creepy, and some are classics. I also like the comment that is spoken in English with a British accent, I love that accent. There is no other type of sound worth mentioning. Let me know if I have missed something.

Final verdict

I’m pretty sure I haven’t taken advantage of everything about LittleBigPlanet, but as you can see, the amount of content this game has is incredible. The amount of customization of your sack characters is one of the best features this game has to offer, I think customization is what makes a good game … a good game! With personalization you can have a unique presence instead of looking the same as other people. Unlike some of the games that primarily target specific groups of players, LittleBigPlanet caters for all types of players, even non-players in my opinion. Finally, the fact that you can create your own levels and share them with everyone else online makes this game even better. This is what I would call a Web 2.0 game, correct me if I’m wrong.

Finally, after Resistance, Heavenly Sword and Metal Gear Solid 4, PlayStation 3 has another valuable exclusive game.

9.5 / 10

To see the images of the game, do not hesitate to consult them here on my blog.

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