Make room for the baby – Three weeks and counting until the day of delivery – What to do?

Well, you already found out she was pregnant, she was at the OB / GYN a million times to get ultrasounds, sugar tests, hear her heartbeat, baby’s position, how big she is growing, she’s healthy, and I’m healthy. Your due date is set, although only 5% of babies are born on this date.

You have the nursery ready. You have bibs, diapers of every imaginable size, binky or “sou sous” as I called mine as a kid. You have a lot of blouses and panties, baby clothes, hats and baby mittens; if you’re like us and bring home your bundle of joy in the winter. You have the care seat to take her home, but your home is safe for your little baby. Babies are adorable but they can get into a bad situation very quickly. Here are some tips to help you avoid an unforeseen accident.

First of all, you need to carefully plan where your baby will sleep. It is not safe for her to sleep in bed with you. Your baby should sleep in a crib that is secure and does not have a movable front rail. You should also make sure that it is free of toys and stuffed animals that the baby can choke on. Baby blankets are a matter of judgment, because she may become tangled in them and cannot breathe. They sell a zippered baby sleeping bag that you might want to consider. You also shouldn’t locate the crib near a window, especially if it has blinds and blind cords that your baby could hang on to.

While we are on the subject of your baby’s sleeping arrangements, if you stay upstairs, you should have a baby gate on your bedroom door so that when the baby starts to crawl or get out of the crib he doesn’t fall down the stairs . Other places that should have a baby gate include dangerous areas in the house like the laundry room where chemicals can be located, basement stairs, and anywhere you feel the baby can get in and could hurt themselves if it doesn’t have a door. . Locks

If you have other children in the house, like us, you should keep all small toys, food, and candy out of reach. Babies are very curious and put things in their mouths as a form of exploration. They can easily choke on something. We don’t want that. You should have a chat with your other children about all the safety issues and what they need to do to make sure your little one is safe too.

All electrical outlets should have safety pugs so your child won’t insert a butter knife or scissors, as they get to that stage, to see what happens. Your baby could be shocked at least or electrocuted in the worst case.

All poisons, cleaning supplies, and medications must be in a secure, closed place. Medicine containers must be child-resistant with the medicine in them. A child does not know the difference between medicine and candy. They look alike to her.

When bathing, you need to make sure that the water temperature is not too high to burn your baby. It should have non-slip surfaces in the bathroom and tub. It is also safer to wash your baby in the bathtub or baby basin, you should not place him in a bath seat as they are known to tilt and cause choking. Baby soap and shampoo should be at arm level. Never, ever leave your little one alone in the bathtub for a period of time. Make sure you have smoke detectors in the house with fresh batteries. People usually change them when the clock times change. It is also a good idea to change them when you bring your baby home.

Another thing, sometimes when people walk out the door with their baby in the car seat they lower it down to get the car keys or whatever. Place your baby on the level floor if you are going to do this. Do not put it in the car seat on the table, as it may fall. Now you have some good ideas about what your baby should come home to; a clean, warm, safe house, full of love. Congratulations.

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