Nissan 300ZX cold air intakes

So your next drag race, car show, or drift competition is coming up and you want to add something new to your already impressive 300ZX. You already have a lot of horsepower, but again, you can never have too much horsepower, and your engine’s styling has added a nice touch to your already flawless Fairlady Z … but something is still missing. After a bit of research work, you realize that one of the best performance parts you can add to your ZX that will increase your horsepower and give your engine the sexiest look you are looking for is an intake system of Cold air.

Air intake systems were first available on the automotive market in the 1980s, but they were relatively limited in the types of materials they went into. However, in 10 years, manufacturers had produced air intakes and their accessories in new materials, such as heat-resistant plastics, in an effort to give consumers more variety. These heat resistant plastics are available in a variety of colors that give the Z owner a personal touch to their car customization, along with increased power. In short, the manufacturers found a way to satisfy the 300ZX owner’s two biggest wishes, increase horsepower and improve appearance.

Manufacturers like MimoUSA, Greddy, and Weapon R have designed their cold air intake systems around a theory of colder air mass as opposed to hot air. These intake systems work by increasing the amount of oxygen that is offered for fuel ignition. By introducing cooler air into the engine, the system creates an environment in which the engine has the ability to run cooler, increasing horsepower. There are five key strategies manufacturers use when designing an air intake system:

1. Extend the air intake period.

2. Leveling the center of the intake.

3. Provide the most direct course of intake.

4. Modify the end-to-end distance of the inlet.

5. Use of more efficient and less restrictive air filters.

When purchasing an air intake system, air guards, or filters, the 300ZX owner has many options. They can use a national chain that sells them their “brand” that was made who knows where by someone who doesn’t care about their Z, they can find someone who doesn’t know anything about cold air intakes by selling them on some auction sites or they can buy their air intake system and accessories from someone they trust to have high-quality brands that will outlast the “store brand” every time. It all comes down to simple buyer awareness. When shopping for high-performance parts and accessories for your 300ZX, you need to know what you’re getting! The possibility of purchasing a product that is not designed for your car is very real and can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

However, when you buy from an authorized and reputable dealer of brands you know and trust, such as Greddy, Weapon R’s Secret Weapon, MimoUSA and Injen, then you know that you are protected and that you are providing your 300 with the best. . possible parts. With the cost of living rising rapidly, we often look for what appears to be the cheapest route. For example, you may find that the cold air intakes and filters you are looking for appear to be cheaper elsewhere than where you normally find your aftermarket parts and accessories, but when you add the cost of shipping, the price it shoots up a lot. above what you would have paid. So now, not only have you paid more, but you also don’t have the comfort of dealing with someone you know or brands you trust.

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