Oprah’s weight loss and regain and the solution to this vicious weight cycle

Here’s the rub … Oprah has the man she made famous for her supposedly “working” weight program, Bob Greene, on call. You have Dr. Phil, who has written another book, and he doesn’t mention Martha Beck and Dr. Oz. EVERYONE has written the best-selling books on weight loss and regain … and did I mention that their best-selling status is mainly due to Oprah! It doesn’t take much more than being on the Oprah Show to get another weight loss book on the best seller list.

So heck, if all that was needed was “knowledge”, taking the weight back from Oprah’s experiences suddenly removes the fact that knowledge made the slightest difference from our list of excuses. Seriously, there can’t be much that Oprah doesn’t know about the ins and outs of weight loss and regain.

Plus, you have your own private chef (s) and a homegrown orchard and access to the best food money can buy. You have enough money to pay for any psychological help if it comes to stress eating. So if Oprah can shoot from 160 pounds to 200 pounds (as reported all over the media in May 2009), with her access to all those resources, what hope? everyday people like us? So … let’s see what actually caused Oprah to regain the weight from a slightly different angle.

Weight deprivation and gain

Google and you will find that a few months before this huge weight gain, at a highly publicized event, Oprah did a 21-day cleanse (along, of course, with thousands of Oprah followers). Now, if you followed your journal about this cleansing program, you will remember that you were riddled with comments about the many times you felt deprived and fatigued. At that moment I remember thinking, “Oprah, what are you doing?”

After two decades of researching the psychology of weight loss and weight regain, and having had many of my own struggles in this field, there is one thing I know with 100% certainty: feelings of lead deprivation can lead to weight loss, but I also know that they always lead to weight regain. Complete stop! It’s because we inevitably end up making up for that deprivation by overeating. I just thought Oprah was wiser than this and I thought that because her cleansing had a spiritual component, she could avoid the inevitable … but it seems she wasn’t.

Oprah still doesn’t have the real secret to permanently losing weight

Here’s the other thing that really amazes me about Oprah, especially since she has had spiritual gurus like Gary Zurkav (on her show for months) and Eckhart Tolle (led a 10-session workshop with him) at her beck and call and yet , she still identifies with her form and apparently said when talking about her weight loss and regain that she feels like a ‘fat cow’. How disparaging of her fabulousness that she needs to label herself that way. And how many of us confer piggy status and increase the stigmatization of bodies around the world!

I think what Oprah’s weight regain shows is that we have it all backwards. We think it’s about eating less and exercising more, and yes, that may be partially true, but how do we get there to keep weight loss effortless and forever is approaching it from a totally different point of view.

The solution to lose weight and recover> / b>.

Here’s a new recipe for you, Oprah: don’t start with the food and exercise part of the equation. Begin by remembering that you are a Sacred Being and that no number on any scale can EVER change that fact. When we work from that point, we begin to heal in ways that are much more profound than simply changing the size or shape of our physical body. We have been fed the idea that if we swallow some Acia berry (or whatever miracle cure there is) and exercise, both thinness and happiness will find us forever.

But that’s our first mistake, we have it backwards. When we are able to hold on and remember our undisputed Holiness, we can be happy in whatever body we are in AND THEN any excess WEIGHT FALLS ITSELF.

Why is this a better recipe than starting with the “eat less and exercise more” part of the equation? Well, with eating less and exercising more as your starting point, you have to get over the feelings of “should” and you have to rely on those fickle things called willpower and motivation. But when we make decisions about eating and exercise from a position of holiness, you can’t help but make more selfish choices. When Oprah does this, her weight gains and losses will become a memory of the past. So how do you cement the belief that you are a Holy Being? It’s easier than you think when you follow the link below to take this fabulous FREE 3-minute viewing challenge.

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