Provo Craft Cricut Gypsy FAQ & How-To Guide

So you bought the Cricut Gypsy by Provo Craft, opened the box looking for the user manual, and was surprised to find that it is not included. What can a craftsman do? This is an issue with Cricut Gypsy and Cricut Design Studio. Fortunately, there is a solution. A step-by-step quick start guide, a user manual, and even a video tutorial are now available.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Provo Craft Gypsy. Will The Gypsy store my own design projects? Yes. It will contain up to 10,000 of your own custom artwork and around 7,000 cartridges.

Can I preview the cartridges on the Gypsy before purchasing? Yes. All cartridges come preloaded in the software. You can even design with them to see if you like the designs. The only thing you can’t do is cut through them until you buy them and link them to the software.

Are Gypsy and Design Studio compatible? Yes. Files saved with Cricut DesignStudio can be opened in Cricut Gypsy and vice versa. Although they do not share the same functions, the files can be shared.

What is linking? Pairing allows you to cut with your cartridges without having to connect the cartridge to the Gypsy or your Cricut machine. It also allows you to cut the cartridge contents on a Cricut cutter without having to insert the cartridge.

How do I link the cartridges? Just plug the link cable that came with the Gypsy into both the Gypsy and the cartridge. Turn on the Gypsy. Click the Cricut application button or from the main menu, find the link cartridge button, click it, and wait for the screen to indicate that the link operation is complete.

Can I share cartridges with other Cricut Gypsy owners? No. You can only link cartridges to one Gypsy due to the unique serial number that is copied to the cartridge to prevent it from being linked to another Gypsy.

Once I connect the cartridge to the Provo craft Gypsy, will it still work with my Cricut cutting machine? Yes. The cartridge will continue to work in all of your Cricut products.

Can Gypsy be used with all Cricut machines? Yes. Just connect it to your Cricket cutter using the connecting cable and USB port. Once you have linked the cartridges to the Gypsy and connected it to your Cricket cutting machine, you are ready to start cutting.

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