See you walk circumspectly

“Try to walk cautiously, not as fools but as wise.” Ephesians 5:15

What does circumspectly mean?

It means being attentive, discreet, prudent, well-considered, and considering all possible consequences and outcomes.

Wise people don’t rush to do anything without much thought. Fools do that.

How often did people end up in trouble after doing something where they never considered the consequences of their actions?

Too often judging by the things people do to get in trouble. Just watch the news on television and you will notice.

Just this week I saw on the news how some investors in the stock market lost money from a company whose stock price plummeted. Their rice was up 1000% in no time. That would have been a red flag for seasoned stock investors, but many novice investors who held onto their stocks lost money. It is a hard lesson.

And the lesson is: “Consider all possible factors before making an important decision. This may be a decision about whether it is an investment decision, a relationship decision, or a home purchase.”

Your lifestyle reflects your values, so when people see how you live your life, they also see what you stand for.

Therefore, the question is this; “Based on how you live your life, are you a suitable role model for the younger generation?

You must not only be a walking advertisement of your faith, but also be like the wise and walk cautiously, not like fools do.

There is a saying: “You can tell a person’s character by the company you keep, so what does the company you keep say about you?”

That doesn’t mean you should avoid people. Jesus spoke to everyone, even the wicked, and no one can say that he has never made a mistake. You must walk cautiously so that others can see the qualities in you that will lead others to Jesus.

A company will go to great lengths to make sure it hires the right people because they want to project the right image to their clients. Are you projecting the right image for your faith? Can those who don’t believe see the difference between you and them?

If not, then you have a problem.

It is important to accept wise advice and reject all others, but have the discernment to know the difference.

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