Simple theory for soccer betting

Why is soccer betting popular?

If we were to compare other sports to soccer, soccer has the greatest occurrences for a weak team to defeat a strong team, especially in the English Premier League. Let’s turn back the clock; Can any of you remember the final of the UEFA Championship? He faced between Man.Utd and Bayern Munich in 1999, where Man.Utd successfully beat Bayern Munich by 2 goals in 2 minutes of injury time. For those betting on Bayern Munich, how difficult for punters to accept this, sadly this is the FACT. Well, as you can see, this is the most interesting part of football betting. There is a saying, “a soccer ball is round, therefore it can have an unpredictable ending.”

What is the simple theory in the world of gambling?

Everything in the world shares the same natural concept and also follows the same trend. There is no exception for soccer betting. The theory is simple. When a graph slopes, of course, the line will keep going up and stop at one stage. No matter how high you reach or how low you go, there is always a stop. I would confidently say that only in minor cases will the chart move up and down continuously in a short period of time. For example, you may notice that most of the market share will always have a gradual incline and then follow a long falling line repeatedly. You may also notice that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In sports betting, I think some of you experienced pre-winning streaks where you kept winning non-stop even though you simply placed your bet. On the contrary, when you are in a period of inactivity, even if you work hard to make an analysis or follow the bet of your lucky friends, but eventually you also lose. Why? The only answer is a natural concept and trend. We must agree and follow the trend.

How does the betting trend work in soccer betting?

The general rule of thumb is not to be stubborn about betting confidently on continually losing teams and having the idea that they would come back. This is totally wrong. You may win by following this type of betting strategy in the end, but how much capital do you need to have and how much do you need to lose before you can win the bet. Based on the trend concept, if a team keeps losing, the graph for them is falling, we must bet against it until the graph reaches a pit stop. On the contrary, if a team goes from losing to winning, we must start chasing the team to win until the stoppage stage. How simple is it? Winning keeps winning and losing keeps losing.

Which team to bet between the countless matches?

When using the trend concept in soccer betting, it is safer if we use it to bet on a strong team and only focus on the climbing graph. Meanwhile, we only bet on a strong team when they are in the victory stage. The reason for choosing a strong team is that they need points to secure their position at the top of the league table. Also, a strong team with greater strength could easily win if victory is imperative.

Last but not least, I am sure you will have doubts about my simple theory: the trend. I could tell you that my theory has been proven. I have been using the betting strategy for 2 years in a row and it really works for me. Based on my betting statistics, it is more than 75% accurate.

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