Speed, Cunning, Safety and ‘Quote: Bob Bondurant’s High Performance Driving School

Often referred to as America’s Fastest 60 Acres, the Bob Bondurant High Performance Driving School is committed to professional instruction for all levels, from beginners to advanced to professionals, and from individuals to large groups. It is classified as a multi-million dollar operation.

With a fleet of more than 200 cars, Bondurant has graduated professionals and celebrities alike. To name just a few: John Andretti, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kyle Petty, Jason Priestly, Al Unser, Jr., Candice Bergen, Nicolas Cage, Ice Cube, Clint Eastwood, James Garner, Gene Hackman, Paul Newman, Walter Payton and 85% of NASCAR drivers.

One of the best things about its location in the valley is the ease of getting to your classes. Attendees can follow their dreams and learn to maximize their own abilities. Bob is focused on using his own experience and that of other racing greats to improve the skills of all attendees. Bondurant says: “Everyone who passes by leaves with a big smile on their face. They learn a lot and have fun learning. They are more confident and they learn to enjoy their car. You are never too old to learn something new.”

Paul Newman said: “Bob Bondurant is as good as he can be. I wish I had been as good as him.”
One of Bob’s previous teaching experiences was working with James Garner for the movie Grand Prix. He later taught Paul Newman and Robert Wagner for the movie Winning.

Bob’s racing accident in 1967 was a turning point in his career. He recognized the national need to educate drivers on how to best react, whether in racing or driving their own cars. Using other tracks, he started his school in California in 1968. But his dream was to have his own state-of-the-art, purpose-built and custom-designed training facility that was considered the best in the world. Since 1990, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, located in the valley next to Firebird International Raceway, has represented the achievement of his dream.

The facility was designed with high performance and racing driver training in mind. It has a 1.6-mile race track, a 3.5-acre asphalt pad, a classroom, and a garage complex. Your instructors are all professional race car drivers who go through an extensive program on how to teach the way Bondurant wants things taught.

Bob said: “In general, people have been taught to drive by a father, a brother or a sister. They have not learned to maximize their handling of a performance vehicle. All you have is four patches of tires between you and the highway. A moment to be out of control. “

He explained: “Everything we teach here is basic and safety. In addition to how to sit properly in the car, we teach how to brake with ABS. Most people step on the brakes, pull the steering wheel to the right or to the left to avoid something, and skid the car. We teach emergency brakes / evasive maneuvers, higher speed ABS …, skid control (most people don’t realize they can handle the first skid, but after the second or third skid turn), raising their vision by looking much ahead and avoiding trouble, and using the proper line around corners. Many of our students say, ‘I don’t think I ever knew how to drive very well.

Needless to say, Bob Bondurant is strongly opposed to cell phone conversations and other multitasking while driving.

Yukata Katayama, the father of the Z car, stated of Bondurant: “His deep vision and passion launched the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in 1968. A great idea to teach people how to drive safely and enjoy racing. of sports cars on the road. and track. “

The school says, “All drivers, all levels, every day. It’s more than just the philosophy we live by. It’s what Bondurant has been to over 100,000 graduates since 1968. And it all starts with course selection. correct to meet your individual needs.

My own experience:
While attending a Phoenix press show, Bondurant volunteered as an activity. Being in his 60s, he saw it more as an adventure and opportunity than a round of golf. Even with a heavy foot, I have not liked racing, but I do enjoy new experiences and learning.

The few hours I spent at the school were the highlight of my trip. I left with a smile on my face, which has remained as I implemented several of the skills that I learned.

My personal preference on the track was the Cadillac┬« CTS over the SuperKart (a little squeeze). As I left, I could feel my stomach flutter as my head asked, “What have you gotten yourself into?” The professional driver led the way and I followed his path. It was a real challenge, but the sense of accomplishment I felt when taking those corners was incredible. When the pro driver started and I had to do it myself, I was excited to be able to do it, but not so fast.

I knew I had to share this experience, so I went back to school to interview Bob Bondurant. I was captivated by his experience, expertise and charm. But, my real dose of unexpected adrenaline was that Bondurant drove me in his Corvette C5 Coupe for fast laps where we hit 160 mph. His perception with the steering wheel was something he had never experienced. Now, I have a better understanding of high-performance driving. He beat himself on any roller coaster, thrilling, thrilling, a real benefit from interviews!

Some of the courses offered are summarized below. However, they are not limited to what is shown and can be customized to meet your needs:

High Performance Driving – With the Cadillac┬« CTS, combining advanced street driving skills with techniques honed over the years on the race track (some automatic transmissions are available and must be ordered in advance).

Road Survival Training: It is designed for those who want to gain confidence in their daily driving and feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Advanced Teen Driving – Teaches teens the skills they need to know – active driving skills that could one day save their lives.

Intro to Racing – Combine advanced street driving skills with proven racing techniques to give students a hands-on experience like no other.

Grand Prix Road Racing – Combining a race-ready Corvette C5 Coupe with the thrill of an open wheel from a Formula Bondurant-style F-1, this is Bondurant’s signature circuit.

Advance Road Racing – This course is specifically designed for current racers and graduates of the 4-day Grand Prix or other accredited racing school; some graduates include Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, and Rusty Wallace.

Executive Protection / Anti-Kidnapping – This extensive course is designed to prepare executives, their families, staff and drivers, and special military operations personnel to detect, deter or avoid a potential confrontation or assault, be it criminal or terrorist.

Grand Prix Specialty: 2-day course combining the Bondurant C5 Corvette with the open-wheel Formula Bondurant.

Corvette Z06 Experience – 405 horsepower, 6-speed, zero to 60 in less than four seconds – the ultimate full-speed experience on this American Dream machine.

Lap the Oval at Phoenix International Raceway – This 2.5 hour tour provides an oval track thrill experience like never before! Typically offered the weekend following IRL (spring) and NASCAR (fall) races.

RPM (Fast Precision Maneuvers) for Father’s Day and New Years – buckle up and experience the art of high-performance driving. Four events: Accident Prevention, Autocross, Lead and Follow and Pro Karts.

For those who want kart training on site, the Bondurant SuperKart School is the proven leader in this type of training. It offers individual karting courses for thrill seekers to seasoned karting veterans. The school also specializes in group programs and team building programs for company meetings, employee incentive programs, birthday parties, and more. The races use 125cc Tony Kart shift karts, 125cc TAG karts and ProKarts powered by Briggs & Stratton.

Bondurant still retains the passion of his youth combined with skill and experience. His racing record speaks for itself. Bob says: “Winning Le Mans in 1964 with Dan Gurney and the Manufacturers’ World Championship in 1965 were the greatest thrills of my life.”

If you are visiting Phoenix, participating in this school is something that you will appreciate and, at the same time, you will enjoy the experience. If you are not planning a trip there, I would consider it.

Bob Bondurant High Performance Driving School, 20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gate 3, Chandler, AZ 85226, 1.800.842.RACE (7223) Local 480.961.0143,
http://www.bondurant.com, Bondurant SuperKart School, 1.800.652 KART (5278).

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