Study, think and plan daily

Every day you need to spend time with yourself and with yourself. This time, which Napoleon Hill called “studying, thinking and planning daily time” is crucial for continuous improvement and development.


People who continually improve themselves become more competent at what they do and more valuable in the marketplace. As they become more valuable, they are open to more opportunities, earn more money, and are less likely to be laid off during tough economic times or better able to find a new job.


The formula for studying, thinking and planning on a daily basis is simple:


1. Think about your goals every day, at least once a day, preferably once in the morning and once before bed. View those goals with a positive mental attitude and know that you will achieve them.


2. Inspect your attitudes every day, better at night. Reflect on how you can improve your attitudes and practice more positive thinking.


3. Inspect your actions and your thinking: are they contributing to your success or are they holding you back? Consider how to avoid negative thought and action patterns.


4. Read inspiring self-help action materials, even just one page a day, and view them with a positive attitude.


5. Take the time to study, think, and plan each day, and do so with a positive mental attitude.


Many have found this simple formula to be a powerful self-improvement method that leads to success. Give it a try and see the difference it makes in your life. Try it for just 30 days and you will see a positive improvement in your life.


We know that people who repeat the same discipline for 30 days or more are likely to continue that practice, as it has become a habit afterward. Cultivate the habit of studying, learning and planning to improve your life.

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