Top 5 HP Pavilion Slimline Specifications

In June 2009, HP introduced its s5000 series, which proved to be the HP Pavilion’s top-spec range. The s5000 series has spawned eleven HP Slimlines so far with the latest Pavilion Slimline specs showing Windows 7, which is one of the best and most complementary operating systems ever produced for any of the Slimline series. Below is a list of the top ten HP Pavilion Slimline specifications available for most HP Slimlines, as well as those available for the best of HP Slimlines.

1. The s5160f – This award-winning small form factor PC that, like all the Slimline s5000 series, measures 12.24 x 4.43 inches and features a quad-core processor, 1 TB of hard drive space and up to 8 GB of RAM. It also comes with a personal video recorder (PVR) TV card that allows you to pause, record and rewind live TV. Plus, all the technology on offer is wireless and you have the option of an Nvidia GeForce graphics card up to 1GB.

2. Excellent Glossy Finish in Stylish Piano Black – All the latest HP Pavilion Slimline s5000s feature an intimately sleek and sheik piano black finish that gives it superior merit compared to the various competitors out there.

3. HP Total Support Advisor – Every HP Pavilion Slimline comes with HP’s award winning Total Support Advisor which, in short, lets you navigate through your PC care package, check health and safety issues, view connections, and get updates from a single access. point.

4. Space saving: Due to its relentless size, which is one of the main advantages of the HP Pavilion Slimline specifications, the Slimline PC can fit practically anywhere in any room with hardly anyone noticing except for its light very attractive green. light strip.

5. On select models like the s5160f and s5260f, you have the attractive option of the HP Pavilion Slimline specs that show a combination of Blu-ray disc player and super multi DVD burner, which is basically where the world is headed in terms of optical drives. In short, Blu-ray discs offer up to ten times more space than conventional DVDs and therefore mean better quality data, video, audio and of course space.

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