Top ten free BlackBerry apps

RIM’s new line of BlackBerry smartphones is gaining popularity. Instead of using it to call and text, users use it to connect to Facebook, send emails, video chat, geotag, surf the web, and much more. By using the BlackBerry appworld application store, users can extend the functionality of their BlackBerry. There you can search for apps with common functions or features in a few dozen categories. BlackBerry was originally known as the mobile communication device of choice for professional entrepreneurs.

However, with the advent of BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry applications for games, music, weather, news updates, sports, and utilities are gaining popularity. There are hundreds of very popular free BlackBerry applications. To discover the power of your BlackBerry, consider following the 10 most popular BlackBerry apps.

Ten popular BlackBerry apps

Pandora: If you are a music lover and would like the freedom to customize music to your liking, Pandora is for you. It will only play music that you like and it will keep you entertained. You can keep multiple custom music channels to suit your mood of the day or work schedule and it will only play music of that very specific taste that you have selected by liking the tracks you like and the artist’s initial setup. channel or song name. Gone is the day when you listen to music that you do not like like that heard on radio stations.

UberTwitter: A popular free social media app for accessing Twitter with on-the-fly updates with photos and videos.

Qik Live Stream: If you love using your smartphone for live video chat, this app is for you. You can also use it to share videos while on the go. Qik is the best application for live video streaming over a faster internet connection such as 3G or 4G LTE.

Flixster: See the latest movie trailers and information about your favorite movies and movie stars, all for free.

Executioner: Those of you who like to play games on BlackBerry, there are thousands of free games on BlackBerry. Hangman is a very popular hidden word game.

BeeTagg: It is a barcode scanner that allows you to scan a small square barcode that you see in magazines and that gives you access to free coupons in stores, free information lists, free recipes, movie trailers and music videos. It’s the best way to quickly visit most of the websites you see on a computer screen than to type a long URL into your phone’s little browser.

Wisepilot: If you love using your phone as a GPS and you get turn-by-turn driving directions, this free driving directions and maps app is for you.

ShopSavvy: For those who like to shop at the store but are concerned that the store prices are not the best, this is the app for you. This is the best BlackBerry app for scanning items in the store and doing a price search online to compare prices. While this application is open, point the phone’s camera at the barcode and capture it. This free app will look up the price for you.

Scrapbook: This is the best BlackBerry notepad and notepad app. It allows you to capture your notes and notes on the phone.

Google speak: It is the best application that allows you to chat in real time with your instant messaging contact on the move. It’s as good as the desktop version of instant messaging with available and offline, and other customizable status messages.

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