What is Margaritaville and what types of services does it offer?

What is Margaritaville?

If you’re familiar with American singer Jimmy Buffett’s hits over the years, such as “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” then you may already understand what Margaritaville is all about. Indeed, Jimmy Buffett’s music inspires the Caribbean- and island-themed restaurant and vacation-lifestyle brand that he founded in 1985, which has since grown to include hotels, casinos, and more. Here’s a closer look at what Margaritaville is and what types of services it offers.

The Origins of Margaritaville

After Buffett scored big with his hit “Margaritaville,” he decided to open a bar by the same name on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. Buffett was already known for his laid-back, beachy style and easygoing approach to life, so opening a bar that reflected that persona seemed a natural fit.

The bar’s success led Buffett to open more locations, and the Margaritaville brand grew from there. Today, Margaritaville Holdings owns or operates restaurants, resorts, and casinos in locations including:

  • the Caribbean
  • the United States
  • Mexico
  • Canada

Margaritaville Restaurants

Margaritaville-themed restaurants provide an experience for diners who are looking for a laid-back atmosphere, a tropical cocktail or beer, and food that reflects Buffett’s music and island lifestyle. While each location may vary slightly in its offerings, the menu typically features plates such as coconut shrimp, fish tacos, and Jerk Chicken Alfredo. The restaurant usually also has live music or themed music events.

Margaritaville Resorts

Margaritaville resorts aim to provide guests with a tropical escape. Many locations feature:

  • beachfront views,
  • swim-up bars
  • private balconies
  • in-room bars
  • water sports activities
  • golf courses
  • spa treatments

Margaritaville resorts typically cater to guests who want to relax and de-stress on vacation.

Margaritaville Casinos

For those who enjoy gaming, Margaritaville casinos offer popular games like blackjack and slot machines, in addition to concert events and dining. The casino is located in a specific part of the resort, and there is always staff ensuring safety and security for all patrons.

Margaritaville Products

In addition to these experiences, Margaritaville also sells a range of products, from clothing and accessories to beach chairs and coolers. Fans of Jimmy Buffett and the Margaritaville brand can bring the tropical lifestyle home with them through these products.


Overall, Margaritaville offers those who want to escape the stressful days of their lives a chance to relax by the beach, a chance to gamble or eat some tropical inspired meals. Recognizable and highly influential, Margaritaville is a lifestyle brand that represents a careless island life. Whether you’re looking to eat some seafood, gamble, or lounge on the beach, Margaritaville has a service that fits your mood.

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