Which marketing channel has brought you the most quality leads?

Hi, I’m Mike Grady from Business Fuel Tools

Today I am going to answer the question of the day.

So the question is which marketing channel has provided us with the most quality leads?

And the answer is by far YouTube.

The best video format is for products or services is demo videos.

And what I do is create demo videos for everything I’m trying to promote, be it a website, a product, or an affiliate offer.

What helps convert people is that people buy from people and video gives people the ability to see you, hear you, and build trust with you as if they were talking to you face to face.

This is the format that I have found that converts the best and generates the most sales.

1. What is the name of the product or service you are demonstrating to?

2. What is the product or service?

3. What is not really?

4. What is the number one greatest benefit this product or service offers for the biggest pain that this product or service takes away once someone buys it?

5. What is the big reward for the buyer?

6. What is the usual number one alternative that people think of when trying to achieve what this product or service does?

7. What critical points or steps do you want to cover when explaining or showing that product or service?

8. What are all the things that you no longer need to do? Once they have the product or surface here showing?

9. What is the price of the product or service?

10. What is an alternative way to express or compare the cost of your product or service?

11. How fast can someone see the results?

12. Why should they grab it right now?

13. What is your warranty?

14. What is your call to action and why, what do you want them to do next?

I use this demo format to create amazing product and service demos that tick all the boxes and leave your prospect saying, I want this.


This format makes it easy to keep track of proven formulas that have sold billions of dollars in products on TV, online, and more.

I use this format for my own products.

Affiliate offers, lead generation and much more.

If you can show and say the product or service, this format makes it very easy to spin pure gold.

So what I’m doing is putting a link in the description below where you can see a video example that we made.

Now if writing this video script in this format seems complicated, well, you’re right, and in the past I used to haunt these scripts for hours.

Now I use a service called funnel scripts and again what I will do is put a link in the description below.

You can check it out for yourself.

Now I can write a complete video script in less than 10 minutes.

Then I read the script, allowed myself a couple, two or three times to get acquainted with it.

Then another 10 minutes to record the video that I uploaded to my YouTube channel and voila.

It’s so easy that what I do is do a little SEO work on the title and description, keywords, and then I let Google YouTube do its thing.

Now I have a lot of demo videos with more than 20,000 views.

Customers tell us all the time when placing orders that they found us on YouTube.

So hopefully you will find the answer to this question useful and apply it to your business.

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