Who is Superman? The mythology of Kal-El

Superman is a fictional comic book superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1932. The couple subsequently sold Superman to detective comics in 1938, which are now known as DC comics. Superman first captured the public’s imagination when he was released to the world in # 1 action comic.

Superman was the first of its kind, without him a superhero genre may never have existed. Superman was born on the planet Krypton with the name Kal-El. Kal-El was a little boy who was no more than a few weeks old when his planet was headed for destruction, knowing this, his father, the brilliant scientist from Krypton named Jor-El, built a rocket that would eventually save his life. children and send him to our planet, planet earth.

Earth was the new home of baby Kal-El, where he was found and raised as a normal human on a Kansas farm in a small town called Smallville. Kal-El was raised by a humble and loving family known as the Kents, where they would change the baby Kal-El’s name to Clark Kent.

Clark Kent began to display superhuman abilities even from a young age, and he did not know him, so he would eventually use these powers to benefit humanity.

With age, Clark soon left Smallville and headed to the bustling big city of Metropolis, where he became the star reporter alongside the arrogant Lois Lane, later the two fell madly in love and in the most recent Superman movie, the two they had a young son. named Jason.

Overall, Superman is my favorite superhero simply because he always does the right thing, even if it means he has to sacrifice himself.

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