Why You Should Stay Away From This Nutramigen Ingredients

Nutramigen Ingredients

The most important thing to note about Nutramigen ingredients is that they are all natural. Most of the formulas on the market are filled with synthetic compounds, which can prove to be harmful for infants. Babies have sensitive metabolisms and the last thing they need is to be given formulas that will compromise their health. Many studies have been conducted on the chemical composition of many popular formulas and it has been discovered that many contain banned agents or dangerous carcinogens that have been proven to be harmful for humans.

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One of the most common nutramigen ingredients found in regular milk formulas is Lactase, which breaks down lactose into sugars for the infant to digest. As a mother, I know that my body doesn’t always produce enough of this enzyme, and I have resorted to supplementing on it through organic products. The problem with this is that some of the formulas on the market don’t guarantee that there will be a reduction in the amount of lactose in the infant’s diet when using them. What most people don’t realize is that lactose-free formulas are simply not effective in reducing colic for most babies.

Another commonly used formula for infants is Corn syrup solids, or cS. It is extremely unhealthy for the baby to consume this substance, and as a result, a large amount of baby formula users are suffering from gastrointestinal issues as a result. Organic baby formulas should only contain healthy, all-natural ingredients such as breast milk, coconut milk or rice milk, and they should also provide a wide variety of nutrients that will provide your baby with the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that he or she needs for growing.

Why You Should Stay Away From This Nutramigen Ingredients

The problem with nutramigen and other similar brands is that they don’t provide the protein and nutrition that infants need. Studies have shown that nutramigen causes an increase in diarrhea, as well as bloating and gas. This is because it has been designed to work quickly and it causes the pancreas to release too much insulin. In contrast, organic formulas work with the digestive system to reduce stress on the pancreas, and they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will help the baby to grow properly.

Not only does nutramigen contain ingredients that could be harmful to infants, but it contains dha, which is actually a by-product of dairy. DHA is essential to the health of newborns and their brain, and this is why so many parents have switched to these formulas. But that can cause allergic reactions in babies, and they may even be allergic to dairy itself. If you’re unsure whether or not your baby is allergic to dairy, it’s best to consult a dermatologist.

To add to the problems that nutramigen causes, the taste of the formula itself is very bad and unpleasant. It tastes like cardboard and even has a cardboard-like texture, which is not good for baby’s palate. In fact, many moms have given up on this one brand, and it’s not likely that they’ll try any other ones in the future. Many mothers report that the taste can be off-putting and even smell bad, and this is a particular problem if you happen to have a newborn that is extremely sensitive to certain ingredients and scents.

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