Y-Bor City: a great place to have a date in Tampa Bay

Ybor City is the center of nightlife within the Tampa Bay area. The Latin origin coupled with the contemporary amount of restaurants and activities make it a great place to go on a date, particularly an amazing first date. Among the most distinctive attractions in Tampa, Florida, it offers the kinds of options you can use to try and make it an unforgettable occasion.

First of all, Ybor City is centrally located and easily accessible from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Just take the 22nd Street Ybor City exit from I-4. It is the closest exit to the junction with I-275. In case you’re coming from the surrounding area, MacDill Air Force Base, or parts of St. Pete, you’ll want to travel down the Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway and get off once you see the IKEA store. There is a parking lot near Fifth Avenue and 16th Street in case you cannot find parking along the way. My advice is to opt for a parking space anywhere and walk from there.

Once parked, you will end up among Tampa Bay’s most desirable neighborhoods, Old Hyde Park. Here you can find a number of charming traditional bungalows on tree-lined roads. The center of Hyde Park Village is the park. You can find a large fountain, lots of lounging areas on the lawn or perhaps a seat, and if you go out on a Wednesday night during the summer, catch live bands.

There is a good variety of gastronomic establishments here. You may want to get there early to do some shopping at one of the several high-end stores across the street to get started, and then go for dinner. Even if you don’t have the spending budget for it, stores are still great areas to browse for a bit as you stroll.

Right after dinner, make the next stop at CineBistro. It’s one of the newest attractions in Tampa, Florida, only a year old, and it’s also a completely new idea in the area’s film world. As the name suggests, you’re not just going to watch the movies here! When you are inside, you will quickly see the variation. There is a good looking bar and lounge where you can prepare for the movie going experience with a cocktail and aperitif, excellent service and pleasant surroundings. You likely meet people since the conversation starter is built in – everyone is there to watch the exact same movie.

This movie theater is a 21 and over venue, and that means you won’t be competing with boisterous youngsters to see the show. In the movie theater, you will relax in very cozy individual love seats, big enough for two. There is a full dinner service available and a very attentive staff. Just place your order when you’re seated, then your food and cocktails will be delivered to you right before the show starts. If you don’t need a full meal here, it’s possible to start dining at Hyde Park Village, then just grab a fabulous dessert and enjoy the show.

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